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Michelle Stewart, Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge officer

Feb 06,2018 MLOL Blogs

What a spectacular sight this morning watching the early start to the working day in Blantyre. The hustle and bustle of workers and school kids getting mainly on foot to where  they needed to be. Lots of traffic jams just like anywhere else. First dday at Matindi Primary School. Sharon and I were joined by Mercy, Harry and Loveness who I met in Glasgow last summer. Matindi is one of her schools as Primary Education Adviser and she joined me on my visits to the two classrooms. This gave us a chance to collaborate on the learner's experiences. We received a warm welcome from all of the adults and children. There was a big cheer from grade 6 when I told them this was my first school in Africa! Grade six were in a reasonably bright classroom with desks and benches set in groups. Ms Chakhomba had prepared her lesson well and introduced activities for the young people to work with each other. The class were learning in English about the reasons why some food produce needed to be cooked and some could be eaten raw. The group of children ,77 today , were working in groups to discuss and then feedback their ideas to the class.  Standard four with Ms Kachere were having an English lesson , 74 children , about How to take care of your body. Ms Kachere modelled the language and encouraged some of the children to do this for the class.

The children were having a go at chatting this with their partner. Well done grade 4. We had lots of discussions with the management team and a very good representation from the PTA who were keen to be involved in the discussion. They have a new goal with two of the mothers volunteering to learn how to use the sewing machine to support all children to have a uniform.

The children waved us off. The wee guy in the pink shirt in the photo was really engaging , helping Sharon with her bag and keeping the others safe around the mini bus. Watch out for him HT , he is after your job!!

MLOL Heart
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What a spectacular sight this morning watching the early start to the working day in Blantyre
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