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Education remains the key that will open doors for our children in both Glasgow and Malawi – and we want to make a difference with MLOL.

We know that high quality learning and teaching is essential to improve outcomes for children. On each visit to Malawi, we aim to deliver to over 120 senior leaders in primary schools and 200 teachers and librarians.

Glasgow’s staff benefit hugely from their visit. They learn about the value of the skills of the teacher, how to teach using locally-sourced material and they bring back a new perspective into their classrooms in Glasgow.

Our partnership with Book Aid is allowing us to provide more books to more children across Blantyre.

By August 2022, we have provided over 12,000 books to 75% of schools in Blantyre Urban and 35% of schools in Blantyre Rural.

Our ambition is to deliver books so that every primary school has a library with high quality books with teachers and librarians who are skilled in the teaching of reading to their learners.

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One of the things I developed in Malawi was furthering my understanding of how to help pupils with EAL. I learnt to create a lot of visuals, such as posters and drawings, and refer back to key terms to check for understanding. I have since used a lot more of these techniques with my pupils in Glasgow
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