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Michelle Stewart, Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge officer

Feb 08,2018 MLOL Blogs

It’s Thursday already, sitting in a rainy Blantyre feeling just like a Glasgow summer day. 

Spent today at Zingwangwa Primary school with a warm welcome from the HT Hastings , staff and children. Once again Hastings and the teachers were really well organised  for the monitoring discussion and sharing their evidence. Sharon joked that we could leave after we had interpreted the charts and tables he had devised. Lots of discussion around the use of the sewing machine again. We are trying hard to encourage the continuous use of the machine for making uniforms and particularly sanitary wear. There was positive  outcome from the chat with Hastings and the mother’s group about getting mothers and girls in standard 7 and 8 trained in using the machines. 

Two really good lessons today in standard 6 and standard 7 with the teachers encouraging group work in classes of 113 and 82. Lots of discussion  for the learners about managing conflict with youths and their parents. 

What a great job this school is doing with inclusion. Children with a range of additional needs are being supported both in the mainstream and in smaller groups to participate in the lesson. John Chekani, the ASN teacher arrived to standard 6 lesson, got down on the floor with the deaf child and his group and supported him in the lesson. The teacher was also supportive by recording the other children’s answers on the chalk board for him The learners were again really well behaved and engaging in the lesson delivery from the teachers and their peers. 

The was hospitality from the mother’s group, PTA and the school was reathe freshly cooked  popcorn made on the premises of the school for the kids at break times. 

 I delivered a CPD. Session on reading for enjoyment with the help of a group of children from standard 4. The teachers had a laugh at my singing a version of a counting song to the tune of “five currant buns” . Naughty Sharon Hayward was recording me so I hope it doesn't appear on Facebook. John Chekani with his enthusiasm will be the first to use the teaching pack, books and resources. 

We went off this afternoon for a quick visit to  Kapani Primary  school which will join the MLOL  programme next session. 7000+ learners in two shifts. Wow !! 

Yesterday at C. I. Primary I learned something new how to identify a subordinate noun clause, Sharon and I with 100 years between us and no one has ever taught us that!! Not an easy concept for EAL learners. 

Off to Ngumbe tomorrow. 

Signing off now to get a jacket on, chilly out this evening.

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It’s Thursday already, sitting in a rainy Blantyre feeling just like a Glasgow summer day.
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