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Sharon Hayward, Attainment Adviser, Education Scotland

Feb 12,2018 MLOL Blogs

Today saw the final monitoring and evaluation visit. Six schools every year for four years and today at Namwiyo was the last one!  

This is the third of our three rural schools to have a new HT so it was back to the beginning in explaining what MLOL is and how we are supporting school improvement through these visits. Phew!

The new HT here was very impressive and is working hand in hand with Patrick the long-standing DHT. They have a huge amount of capacity to take the school forward which is great to see after a few years of stilted progress. Records were orderly and Patrick had always responded to advice in the past so each year I return, I find the evidence I require more easily.

In case I was in any danger of a self-inflated ego relating to my work here, a certain colleague totally dropped off to sleep during my 3 hour professional discussion, much to the delight of others in the room. Photographic evidence can be provided!!

We were treated to an audience with the library monitors from S3-8. They had a good understanding of their role and explained the shelves were rather bare because the books were being borrowed. Carol MacDonald will be pleased to see the library was well organised and books labelled.

My only frustration today was the under- use of the MLOL sewing machine again. Even although there was a whole sack of green and white fabric available, and a functioning machine, nothing had been made! Some firm words were said and a pledge secured from the new HT that this is a situation which he will address.  I have now exchanged What’s app numbers and have a 21st century solution to longer term coaching conversations.

I left Namwiyo feeling it was in very good hands.

Tonight, we are reading through the materials I’ve prepared for day 3 of the HT Leadership Progamme. We are looking forward to hearing the delegates’ presentations on their projects so far.

Tomorrow....... HT Leadership Training at GBC

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I left Namwiyo feeling it was in very good hands.
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