MLOL Heart

Janice Vanderflier, Principal Teacher, Highpark Primary School

Sep 29,2018 MLOL Blogs

First week at Blantyre Girls School was exciting and such a rewarding experience. Ruth the head teacher was so welcoming as were all the staff. We had a lovely welcome meeting and Evelyn and I were introduced to our teachers in Standard 5 A and B. There are about 120 children in each class. We have introduced the children to no hands up, thumbs up, thumbs down and we had a go at co-operative learning. We have spent time in the library training children to be leaders in the Scotland Reads Method of paired reading and they love being in the library choosing books and helping each other. From Standard 5 onwards, the curriculum is taught in Englsh only so at Ruth's suggestion, we are hoping to help increase the children's understanding of reading. We are really looking forward to our second week at Blantyre Girls.