MLOL Heart

Lynn McGinn, Head Teacher, Todholm Primary School

Sep 30,2018 MLOL Blogs


Our journey began at Glasgow Airport as we met the rest of the MLOL 18 group, heading out to Malawi. After 24 hours travelling we had the rest of the weekend to settle in at Kabula Lodge where we were made to feel most welcome (even by the spiders!) ??

On Monday, we were excited to be given a tour of the four schools that the MLOL team will be working in; 

  • Blantyre Girls School
  • Kapeni Demonstration School
  • Chisiswani 
  • Milala 

We couldn't wait to meet our classes! 

We received a warm welcome by Dorica the head teacher and Wilson, Department of Education Manager. We also got to meet members of the Parent Committee and Mothers' Group. 

We were allocated Standard 7 and Standard 8 and on our first day we got to observe a variety of lessons including Maths, Chichewa, English, Science and Technology and Agriculture. The children were so excited to welcome us and we were keen to start teaching. Our aim is to activitely involve the children in their learning and make the best use of the resources we have available. 

Both of our classes were keen to learn about life in Scotland and we were keen to learn about life in Malawi. We learned lots from each other and then used our knowledge to teach Maths and Social Subjects. This gave the children the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a meaningful context. We were both impressed with the children's Numeracy skills - they can accurately work with huge numbers ?? 

Whats Next? 

Its very warm and dusty at Milala Primary School and we are keen to encourage the children to drink the clean water that they have access to throughout the day. We are also keen to make the school library more accessible to the children and we agreed plans with the schools library coordinators to enhance the learning environment in order to encourage and motivate children and teachers to make regular use of the library. Next week we are delighted to have the opportunity to teach and learn in Standard 5 and Standard 6. It's going to be a busy week! ??