MLOL Heart

Jennifer McMillan, Principal Teacher, Govan High School

Oct 04,2018 MLOL Blogs

What a warm welcome we received on our arrival in Malawi, as soon as we landed we got a sense of what Malawian time was and the unwavering positivity, including their response to my missing suitcase, when they directed me to the “lost but found” desk where I was assured my case will be found...and it was!! So after a couple of days borrowing clothes my case eventually arrived!! 


On our first day in the schools we visited each of the four schools we would be working in. The timetable for me is 3 days in each school. Each school was very different, however a common feature was, everywhere we looked were smiling faces...the Malawians are truly living up to their reputation “the warm heart of Africa”.


We spent Tuesday Wednesday Thursday in Milala school. Both Katy and I worked with 10 sports leaders for the three days.

Day 1 we focused on working solely with the sports leaders, teaching them leadership through games. With the help of the schools sports masters as translators from English to Chichewa (and many demonstrations) our sports leaders finished the day confident and equipped to lead standard 1-3 the following day! 

With Milala being one of the most rural school in Blantyre, and some learners walking between 5-7km to reach school everyday, I was amazed to see all our newly named sports leaders raring to go!! Immediately I noticed more confidence when the sports leaders were giving explanations. With ball games, we felt it was important that all games were taught using TALULAR. On days 2 & 3 in Milala our sports leaders led sessions for standards 1,2&3.  When delivering the sessions the sports leaders were developing their communication, confidence and team working skills. It was fantastic to see them supporting each other when leading. 


Reflections on Milala primary school:

One thing I found amazing that children were taking their shoes off to exercise as they felt it was slowing them down!! 


Pupils were very resilient and welcomed the opportunity to learn new skills


The sports master were very caring with pupils



Next up is Blantyre girls school!