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Gill Struthers, Teacher, Todholm Primary School

Oct 08,2018 MLOL Blogs

                                                          Library transformation at Milala

During our first week we observed that the school Library could do with a makeover. Some shelves were broken, the room was dull and dusty and very many of the books were old and worn. We discussed our ideas with the Library Committee and a plan was put in place. 

On Monday, we started sorting the books into Standards before heading to the local market after school to purchase some locally produced sturdy wicker baskets to store the beautiful books gifted by the MLOL Charity. 

On Tuesday, we arrived at school with the baskets much to the delight of the teachers and learners. Members of the library committee helped to stamp all of these books and continue sorting them into appropriate Standards. On the way home from school we picked up the paint for tomorrow. 

On the way to school on Wednesday we stopped off at our driver Benji's house to collect a hammer and some nails. When we arrived at school the Mothers' Group had swept out the library in preparation for painting. A father from the Parent Group had made the most amazing ladders from natural resources. The Mothers' Group, Parents' Group, local carpenter and Benji all worked together to fix the shelves, paint and clean the library. Fantastic team work! 

On Thursday we were excited to bring in quality books donated from another local school. We met with 3 of the village Chiefs who were very grateful for the work we had done. We picked up some new pin board on the way home which the carpenter will put up tomorrow. 

On Friday, we got stuck into the library as soon as we arrived. Peter, the carpenter, attached the new pin board to the wall and we added a Scottish flag and some photos of our school in Paisley to enhance the learning environment. The library is almost ready for its official opening! 

Alongside our work in the library we managed to find plenty of time for learning and teaching in the classrooms. In Standard 5 I carried out some English lessons and taught the children the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes which they loved! This was a response to an activity where the children were drawing themselves under some sentences they had written and were so keen to learn the English words for different body parts. 

In Standard 6 Lynne was teaching the children about self awareness as part of their life skills lessons. The teacher was keen to know how we teach Health and Wellbeing in Scotland and on Tuesday the Pupil of the Day initiative was introduced. Together they taught the children to give and receive compliments. They also taught the children the importance of being aware of their strengths and areas for improvement. 

After school the parents arranged for us to see some local life. We saw children swimming in the water and fishermen catching fish. Dorica, the head teacher, bought some for her dinner! On the way home we were lucky enough to stop off and speak to a family who were enjoying lunch. As we reached school we saw the locals enjoy a political demonstration. Back at Kabula Lodge we met with Evelyn and Paul from the Education Department and discussed our journey so far.