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Lynn McGinn, Head Teacher, Todholm Primary School

Oct 12,2018 MLOL Blogs

                                                               Last full week at Milala        

This week our plan was to deliver a sequence of lessons to every Standard based on a children's story. This provided us with an opportunity to team teach alongside the class teacher, allowing them to interpret the story when required. We were also able to highlight to the teacher the importance of asking questions to assess the children's understanding. Throughout the week we modelled a variety of teaching strategies to every teacher and this was really well received. 


The new Milala library was officially opened on Wednesday at 11am. It was a grand affair attended by the Village chief, Parents' Committee, Mothers' Group and the School Management Team. Wilson and Paul from the Education Department were also present for this special event. Prayers were said, speeches were made, thanks were given and the ribbon was cut. The learners were clapping and singing with joy. It was such a special moment! We are thrilled that the school are keen to encourage members of the local community to make regular use of their wonderful library. 


Following  the official opening of the library we delivered a CPD session for all teaching staff. Staff were given time to look through their new mobile libraries, filled with the beautiful books donated by the MLOL charity. They were encouraged to identify books which could be used to support their teaching and learning. Staff also had time to discuss and produce a Milala Primary School reading charter which has now been adopted by the teaching staff. Teaching staff were introduced to Strathclyde University's 3 domain model of change. This provided a good opportunity for reflection on current practice. We also shared many of the reading strategies that we ourselves had learned through the Renfrewshire Literacy Coaching Programme.  The new MLOL books reflect the children's interests and experiences and will help to promote a love of reading. Staff were shown how to use a story book as a context for meaningful learning. They were very enthusiastic to learn about this and are keen, now that they have their lovely new books,  to try this out in their own classes. 


Towards the end of the week we planned time to take groups of children into the library to explore their new books and enjoy their wonderful new learning environment. The children absolutely loved having the opportunity to do this. On Friday we had a visit from  our friend Patrick ( Primary Education Advisor) who was keen to see the new library. We also worked with Standard 7 and 8 learners to reply to some letters written by children in Glasgow. We were most impressed by the children's English skills! Another amazing week in Malawi!