MLOL Heart

Janice Vanderflier, Principal Teacher, Highpark Primary School

Oct 15,2018 MLOL Blogs

Assembly at Blantyre Girls’ School was an uplifting experience and one which was so full of happiness and positivity that I wish I could be part of it every week. Evelyn and I arrived early in time to see four pupils standing in the road, under teacher supervision of course, stopping the traffic with traffic warden signs to allow the children to cross safely to school. 

The whole school then assembled in the playground where Ruth the head teacher chose the choir for the day and much singing and dancing began. On a Friday, Ruth wears school uniform during assembly to encourage the pupils to wear their uniform themselves and create a feeling of togetherness. 

Ruth’s Grandson Steve, also joined in the proceedings on his was to nursery and seemed quite at home, clapping and singing along to the hymns and songs.

Evelyn and I were given the privilege of giving out Sports certificates and we were then given the opportunity to speak to the whole school. I can’t say I wasn’t daunted for a minute, speaking to over a thousand pupils and teachers, but they were so attentive that it was easy to thank everyone for being so welcoming to us over the past three weeks. 

Assembly finished with more wonderful singing and dancing and we all made our way to our classes to start another day at Blantyre Girls’ School.