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Feb 13,2023 MLOL Blogs

Today we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime! We were feeling very excited and I was a little apprehensive as it was my first time travelling to Malawi! The seasoned pros...Maureen, Marie and Stephen had done this many times before and managed to keep Jade and I right and calm our nerves!

First stop, meet and greet in Glasgow airport, the first time we have all been together face to face! Our three legged journey was soon to begin. However, we quickly came across our first hurdle...the Glasgow flight to London was delayed! Just when we thought disaster struck, we managed to board the flight and arrive in Heathrow with very little time to catch our connecting flight! We made the flight by the skin of our teeth thanks to Marie who very kindly asked the pilot if he could make an announcement to let us off the flight first, which he did! "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" says we as we sprint to the front of the plane! Comedy gold as five Glaswegians race through Heathrow airport with our back backs bouncing and sweat dripping from our brow to make the second flight!

We finally boarded the second flight, Heathrow to Addis Adaba. It was the biggest plane I have ever been on, one row seated nine people from window to window! We had our own media station with choice of movies and even sampled the in-flight meal. Travelling through the night we managed to get a little sleep before touching down and waiting on our final flight of the journey.

After a simple breakfast in the Ethiopian airport we boarded the flight to Blantyre. After almost twenty hours travelling we finally arrived at Kabula Lodge with the most beautiful view! Alice the owner made us feel so welcome and showed us to our rooms! Tomorrow we will visit Stella Maris Church for Sunday Mass. The excitement is building!

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The excitement is building!
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