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Feb 13,2023 MLOL Blogs

Today was an unforgettable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life! We were so lucky to attend Sunday Mass at Stella Maris Church with the students from Stella Maris All Girls Secondary School. Sister Eunice greeted us at the Church and the air was filled with the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard! The volume of song was like being at a concert! The choir were unbelievable and musicians playing the keyboard and drums. Singing, dancing and joining in prayer with the local community was such an blessing that I will be forever grateful for.

Shortly after mass we were greeted outside by some of the students from Stella Maris. In Malawi there is a small percentage of girls who get an education. The girls were so friendly and eager to talk to 'the visitors from Scotland'. One of the girls, Mary Jo, asked us if we enjoyed the singing and dancing "just like TikTok" which got a laugh! After taking some photographs we sat down to a lovely meal which the Sisters had very kindly prepared for us. We ate delicious soup, chicken, rice and meatballs and I tried Malawian Nsima for the first time which is a type of maize that has the same consistency as dough.

Next we went back to Kabula to meet with our Malawian colleagues to discuss the plans for the teacher training in the week ahead. It was lovely to meet some of our fellow educators to get an insight into Malawian education. We prepared the training and gathered some resources together before grabbing some dinner together.

Just when we thought the day couldn't get any better...our delayed suitcases arrived meaning we could get a nice hot shower and clean clothes! Tomorrow is my first day teacher training and I cannot wait!

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The girls were so friendly and eager to talk to 'the visitors from Scotland'
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