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Feb 14,2023 MLOL Blogs

Today was another wonderful day! We were teacher training at Ndirande Training Centre this morning with another group of teachers from all over Malawi. We also had the opportunity to visit the classrooms in the adjoining  Blantyre Girls Primary School.

It was very interesting to see the vast differences in class sizes with only one teacher to teach over 200 children! The girls where so excited to see us and we took lots of pictures and videos together.

Two pupils from my own primary school (Gia & Faith) made a beautiful Scottish picture before my journey over here which I took with me today to give to one of the pupils from Blantyre Girls.

You can see a lovely picture below!

We also met with some of the Reading Leaders from Standard 8 (the oldest children in the school) in the school library and read some books in English with them.

The Headteacher has done a wonderful job creating a beautiful library space for the girls to visit. Tianna, one of the Reading Leaders said that she loved going to school and helping the younger children learn how to read.

Her reading skills were fantastic and I was very impressed at her understanding of English as her second language. She taught me some phrases in Chechewa too.

After our lunch we visited Jacaranda Orphanage which is run by The Sisters of Our Lady. We met with the children and two girls, Christina and Veronica showed us around the orphanage and where they sleep.

Afterwards we went outside and sang some African and Scottish songs...we even managed some ceilidh dancing which was a good laugh!

It has been such a wonderful experience so far and I am very much looking forward to seeing what else is in store in the last few days!

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The Headteacher has done a wonderful job creating a beautiful library space for the girls to visit
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