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Feb 16,2023 MLOL Blogs

Today we had our fourth teacher and librarian training input. We were training in Ndirande training centre again.

Many of the teachers discussed the challenges that come with teaching large class sizes, sometimes 100 plus as well as being a librarian and the duties that come with that responsibility too.

They found the Reading Leaders training very useful as it gave them some ideas and strategies to use with the older children so that they can encourage the younger learners to read and use the library effectively. This approach is very similar to the 'paired reading' approach we use in Scottish schools.

Additionally, Jade and I visited the Mary's Meals Kitchen that they have onsite. It was wonderful to see and we even got the chance to stir one of the pots ourselves.

The woman who run the kitchen are there preparing the porridge  (voluntarily, without payment) every day from 4am! They use big sacks of flour, soya and sugar and mix it with water. They stir it up really well till it is boiling and a thick consistency.

They use big chopped up logs for fire wood, which filled the air with a rich burning smell and smoke. The pots are HUGE and one pot feeds around 300 pupils. One of the schools in the local area uses 35 large pots per day to feed all the pupils in their school. 

As well as this, we nipped in to the other training centre that is onsite within Blantyre Girls grounds. There was a crowd of EDC (Early Development Centre) teachers, the equivalent to our nursery school teachers, all standing in a circle singing and dancing to wonderful African children's songs.

Of course Jade and I relished the opportunity to join in!! It was so much fun!! We took lots of videos and photos so that the boys and girls in our schools can learn some of the songs too when we return home.

Tonight we are having a meal with our Malawian colleagues. Tomorrow is our last day in Malawi.

It has gone  in so quickly and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to come here.

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This approach is very similar to the 'paired reading' approach we use in Scottish schools.
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